Britney Spears Blaming ______ For Weak Album Sales?

A toned body, a sound mind, and mini stint as host of X Factor, didn’t help Britney Spears career at all.  We’re more interested in the pill popping, and head shaving.  Spears put way too much pressure on herself naming her latest album flop Britney Jean.  As if?

Britney is pissed with Queen B.  The ratchet weaves will fly if they ever meet in person, according to Spears camp.  Britney Spears went on an all out rampage when Beyonce dropped her album out of nowhere like a thief in the night.  Her Las Vegas residency, and Britney Jean were supposed to be a combination.  Beyonce just had to bring her Drunk In Love, Blake Shelton breath ass, back to snatch the crown.

Poor Britney Spears is aware  of the ferocious competitiveness in Hollyweird.  Sources claim she forbade anyone in her crew from even listening to Beyonce, and went off on her controlling dad, Jamie Spears.

Miley Cyrus is twerking on her right.  Beyonce is looking like a white woman, but twerking To The Left.  What will Britney Jean do? God knows she can’t dance anymore.