Bud Bundy Joining Lil Wayne #YMCMB @DavidFaustino

David Faustino is still in the showbiz industry, although he’s approaching senior citizenship.  DreamWorks tossed him a  struggle bone.  You know Bud Bundy didn’t get any residuals from Married With Children?  Ed O’Neill pulled a few strings for him, so he’s giving blow jobs in exchange for voice- over opportunities.  You heard him in Dragons & Legends of Korra.  He also slangs Kush from his medicinal weed shop for extra dough.  Bundy eventually invested in a club named Balistyx, which is the same name as his rap album.  You didn’t know Bundy could flow?   The club was “the first hip-hop/funk club on the Sunset Strip”. 

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“That’s my passion,” we overheard David tell a female companion at the Redondo Beach arcades.  He barely had enough quarters to pay for games, but  was still in good spirits.  “Call me Lil Gweed from now on.”

We pretended we didn’t recognize him, so we could ease drop on his tea.  Sssh, but we heard Bud Bundy tell the chic his Old Scratch Records team was hooking up the none other than, Cash Money Records!  The Birdman, Bryan Williams, wants to manage his career!  The Birdman is offering him the house, just as he did with Bow Wow, Paris Hilton, and DJ C- Squared (Tom Cruise son).  It’s official, don’t call it a comeback.  Bud Bundy is the newest member of YMCMB along with Nicki Minaj and Drake.  Watch his new video below.