Buying A Teen For Sex Is Child Abuse – Oakland Should Be Ashamed

The city of Oakland is a hotspot for the sexual exploitation of children.  Kids are kidnapped by violent pimps that force them into sex, and drugs.  Alameda County wanted to send a message to the sexual sadist, but also help the child victims.  The city teamed up with Clear Channel to launch  The Bay will soon be plastered with billboards, signs, posters, and flyers to bring a new spotlight on the growing problem.  They want to let minors who are selling sex know that they aren’t prostitutes, but victims of child abuse.  The FBI labeled the San Francisco Bay area ‘high intensity child prostitution area’.  The billboards will say stuff like, “I depended on my pimp for everything, and I had nothing.  I left the life.  Now I have my own apartment, car, and money.  I got out.  You can too.”