California Fights Against Mexico Drug Cartel

The violence in Mexico involving drug cartels is at an all time high.  People are afraid to travel and visit their own families.  Vigilantes have swooped into Nueva Italia, with a Superman like vengeance against the kidnappings, violence, and drugs.  A group of men, some California locals, are desperately trying to regain control of their town.

The city is host to an estimated 32,000 hopeful, but scared residents.  Most locals don’t trust the so called defense groups.  They figure they’re either secretly another gang, or spies for drug lords.  Everything in Tierra Caliente (also known as Hot Land) is cool for now.  The local police have joined with the vigilantes in an effort to protect the city’s innocent.

Residents are shaken and afraid.  Kids and elderly have been kidnapped for ransom several times, and we won’t mention the headless bodies that were found.


We aren’t certain how long the calm will last.  Nobody knows who to trust.  Will Knights Templar come slaughter the entire town for wanting to live peacefully?  Although the vigilante army is heavily armed, they are afraid of the blood thirsty savages.  The federal policeman is also very afraid, and often forced to be a snitch for the bad guys.

The bloody war is over the rich soil, and geography.  Ports serve as a way to ship  cocaine, and methamphetamine chemicals.  You can easily grow delicious fruit, or Obama Kush.  Will right win?  Or will drugs lords own Mexico forever?