California State Wants To Separate And Divorce


Sure, Tim Draper’s plan to slice up the Golden State is ridiculous. The wealthy venture capitalist has drafted a ballot initiative to split California into six separate states, he told Tech Crunch, with Silicon Valley emerging as the richest and most powerful of all. The mockery is already pouring in.

Of course a rich tech guru wants Silicon Valley to get its own government, so it can be freed from the dusty laws and regulations of California 1.0. Of course a deep undercurrent of self-aggrandizing narcissism runs through the proposal—only one other state-to-be gets an actual name, (“Jefferson,” which is already the moniker of an ongoing secessionist movement) and the rest are lazily affixed with topographical descriptors: West, South, Central, and North California. Ofcourse the plan is overrun with libertarian-tinged ideology and language—an explicit goal is to “lessen the role of Sacramento over every aspect of our lives.” Starting to sound familiar?

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