Camilla Parker Bowles Knows What Happened To Mark Shand

Are we supposed to ignore the mysterious death of Mark Shand, like we ignored the disappearance of #MH370?  Mark, Camilla Parker Bowles brother, was addicted to thots, and a good time.  He kept a team of gorgeous women, and an unlimited supply of royal nose candy.  People were stunned when he just suddenly collapsed, and died.  He seemed pretty healthy moments before, tuning up at the Gramercy Park Hotel.  Did Caroline Kennedy call her dogs on him?  Weirdos suspect Mark Shand was murdered to silence dark secrets he knew about the royal family.

What did Camilla tell Mark?  She was Prince Charles mistress for decades  before they erased Princess Diana.  Certainly Camilla knows all the dirty skeletons hidden in the monarchy’s closet.  Was Mark’s death a threat to Camilla?  Ruth Powys, and her super sexy twin sister, watched Mark light a cigarette, take a drag, and fall backwards.  Bystanders heard a loud crack, and he was dead.  Everyone suspects England’s royals put him in the dirt.


Prince Charles, and Camilla fight constantly.  The marriage is broken.  Every time they fight, Camilla threatens to run to the press and blab about his secret gay life.  If Prince Charles plans to leave Camilla, he’ll have to pay her an enormous amount of money to keep quiet.  Mark and Camilla were always so close.  Camilla Parker Bowles is devastated, and scared.  She saw what happended to Princess Di.