Student Slaughters Pastor She Didn’t Even Know

What did Ronald Browning ever do to deserve this?  Camille Brown crept in the elderly pastor’s home in the middle of the night.  Cops found her shivering in feces, urine, and blood.  Beckley West Virginia is grieving in fear.  Browning, a pastor at Cool Ridge Community church, was discovered beaten to death.  Injuries to his head, and neck, made a horrific crime scene.  His wife found his lifeless body, but could only recognize him from the shoulders down.


Beckley detective Morgan Bragg said: ‘The most disturbing factor in this case is the fact Brown and Browning did not know one another and her motive has yet to be determined.’
The suspect had no known criminal history and was not under the influence of drugs during the attack, according to police.

This sounds like some Illuminati Project MKUltra  mind control weirdness to us.  What do you think?