Carmelo Anthony Determined For NBA Championship

We Have To Talk About Carmelo Anthony's Hat

We love seeing Lala Anthony sprinkle her Honey But Cheerios over Hollyweird.  Carmelo Anthony’s hat tho!  Is it acid washed?  Or denim?  Is Melo the new Pharrell?  Anthony certainly has a new pep in his step.  NBA insiders have noticed a gradual shift in the Knicks team moral.  The egos are gone.  Phil Jackson should run for president of the United States of America.  While the Lakers crumble from player injuries, New York is filled with Zen.


Derek Fisher’s coaching is phenomenal.  Fish is tough, but patient.  The New York Knicks is the most underrateted contender for this year’s NBA Finals.  Will Melo finally get a chip?

“There’s no bad energy flowing through our team, or the organization right now.  That’s always a big key when you have that atmosphere around,” Carmelo admitted.