Carrie Fisher Crackhead Lesbian ?

The paparazzi busted Carrie Fisher geeking and tweeking.  She’s almost 60, but like Charlie Sheen, she can’t seem to kick the habit.  We hoped her lesbian lover, Penny Marshall, could lick her mind right.  Insiders are afraid she’s slipping back into her addiction.  Why did cameras catch the Star Wars legend jittering outside a Hollywood crack house?

Enquirer has photo proof of Princess Leia looking disheveled and homeless wearing a black trench coat.  We’re aren’t accusing her of being a ‘rock’ star, but her lips were ashy and it’s 8o degrees in LA.  Weirdos claim Fisher’s eyes were buck, and she smelled a hot ass mess.  Paparazzi sat and photographed Carrie for several days, making mysterious one minute visits to the run down apartment that appeared to be a dope house.

The actress was also seen behaving strangely during the visits, bobbing her head excitedly , clenching her fist, and frantically wiping her nose.

Worrying behaviour: Carrie was seen repeatedly drive to a downtrodden Hollywood apartment to meet two different women pals