Carrie Underwood Better Keep Nashville Because She Is Not Welcomed In Hollywood

Hollywood heavy hitters are wasting time trying to convince Carrie Underwood to get on Dolly Parton’s level.  They’re pulling out all the stops trying to convince Brad Paisley’s secret jumpoff to move to Los Angeles.  She does not have to ‘pursue’ big time acting gigs, they’re thrown at her feet.  Carrie keeps turning down dream jobs because she cannot take the pressure.  She’s been offered  a ton of lead roles in feature films, and guest spots on popular networks.  So what’s the big deal?

Carrie Underwood cried at reviews of her Maria Von Trapp effort with The Sounds of Music.  The hate poured in.  They called her acting skills trash.  Even Kym Karath (who starred in the 1965 version)  has been ass dissed Underwood’s crummy show-girl lack, “Love Carrie Underwood but this role is just not right for her.  She is lovely, her voice is beautiful, but acting is wrong.”  Carrie knows she’s no Kristen Stewart, or no Jennifer Lawrence.  She’s disrespecting executive offers because the criticism is tormenting.

The Sounds of Music made rich Hollywood weirdos, even more rich.  They don’t care about Underwood’s acting skills at all.  Carrie proved that she can draw a big crowd, and reel in big bucks.  Now she must decide.  Does she suffer fan criticism for her defective acting?  Or, suffer Gucci backlash from the same producers who made her famous?  Insiders claim execs are starting to feel disrespected.