Carrie Underwood Brad Paisley Battle Lawsuit And Rumors Of Infidelity

Carrie Underwood, and her rumored booty buddy, Brad Paisley are in deep shiz.  Their hit duet song, Remind Me, is the subject of a serious lawsuit.   A Nashville judge refused  to dismiss a songwriter’s claim of having her song stolen.   Amy Bowen is accusing the duo of being thieves, but this happens all the time in Hollywood.

Forget Amy, Hollyweird streets say Carrie and Brad ‘beat it’ Paisley are forking around behind their spouses back.    We hope it’s untrue, but everyone knows Carrie Underwood, and her  Hockey husband, Mike Fisher aren’t getting along.  Brad and Kimberly Paisley have been together for 10 years, so he’s had the same beans, over, and over, and over, and over, again.

Every since their steamy chemistry hosting the CMA Awards, and their secret meeting in NYC, we can’t help but wonder.  What’s happening here?

Sources tell Enquirer, “In the recent months, as she’s faced one marital crisis after another, it seems like Carrie is leaning on Brad more than ever.  They text and email each other constantly, and Carrie confides in Brad about all the problems she, and Mike are having.”

Brad Paisley, and Carrie Underwood swear they’re only friends, but can you believe they’re neighbors too?  Would you want your man being ‘just friends’ with Carrie Underwood if they worked in the same industry, and she lived around the corner?