Carrizo Springs Texas – New New York City

Who cares if the fracking boom is causing California’s earthquakes?  Texas oil chiefs don’t want you to know anything about Carrizo Springs.  They’re fracking the breaks off the tiny town.  The oil addiction has  Carrizo Springs, Texas popping like the 4th of July.  Eagle Ford shale has doubled oil production in the last few years.  They say next year it will quadruple.  Iran & Iraq ain’t messing with Texas.

Texas is producing the most oil in the world.  Texas Tea will produce this Hollyweird region 90 BILLION in the next decade.  Every business in the town is hiring.  The population grew from 5,000 to 40,000 in a short period.  Carrizo Springs is growing so rapidly, the mayor, Adrian DeLeon bought some convenience stores and is considering opening a college.  The boom has south Texas resembling New York City.

Are you investing or what?  Occidental Petroleum, and Chevron did.