Casey Anthony Parents Broke And Homeless

George and Cindy Anthony are really in a bind.  Industry insiders say they are dead broke, and steps away from losing their home.  Most people strongly believe Casey Anthony got away with murdering her 2-year-old daughter Caylee.  Casey’s parents have been footing all Casey’s bills since the 2008 arrest.

Time flies.  Now George and Cindy are unemployed and in foreclosure.  Being on the run is not cheap.  Apparently Casey Anthony needs security guards at all times, plus she has to eat and pay rent.  Now their pockets are drained.  They argue constantly because they will be homeless very soon.  Nationstar Mortgage will forclose on the Anthony’s home on Hopespring Dr. because they owe more than $128,000.  They have not paid a mortgage in over 3 years.

Are you sad?  George and Cindy’s neighbors want them  gone forever.  They aren’t paying association dues anyway.  George is selling makeshift kids toys to make ends meet.  Cindy Anthony is ashamed because she may have to get welfare assistance.  Casey?  She’s somewhere addicted to social networks hiding in plain sight under a fake identity.