@CassieVentura Beware – Sienna Miller Tom Sturridge Split

Sienna Miller was getting passed around Hollyweird like a blunt at a Snoop Dogg party, before meeting Tom Sturridge.  She’d finally found somebody who understood her crazy.  Miller is an outlandish party animal.  An immoral heroin addict, turned showbiz slut – she smashed everyone including Jude Law. Rhys Ifans forked her too.  Sienna had an affair with Balthazar Getty, who was married with four kids.  Tom, and Sienna fell in love, because she’d finally landed someone to call her own.    The 4 year union was Miller’s longest relationship ever.  They eventually got engaged.  Miller was tired of being treated as a sex object, so her showbiz opportunities declined.  Then baby Marlowe was born, and everything went to hell.

Diddy & Sienna Miller

“Sienna’s driving herself crazy thinking about all the things she could have done differently” an insider told Star Magazine.  “She doesn’t understand why she never made it down the aisle.”

Despite her whorish tendencies, Sienna is trying to be a good mom.  Toddler demands are a far cry from partying with Hollywood celebrity elites. Or maybe her post pardom depression drove Tom Sturridge away? When asked about motherhood, Miller’s response was candid. “It’s a shock, of course it is, and some people find it really easy, but for me I found it really hard.”

Either way, Cassie Ventura better keep an eye on Sienna Miller.  Don’t Forget:  Diddy used to smash Sienna before motherhood helped her rehabilitate.  The seldom times J-Lo is in between relationships, she calls Diddy.  Let’s hope Sean Combs Finna Get Loose in that vulnerable poochie.  Sienna may surely need the extra cash.  Diddy parties like a rock star, and is only a simple phone call away.