CBS & Warner Brothers Stole Millions From Dukes Sheriff James Best

James Best was a main cast member on Dukes of Hazzard.  We all know the show is considered iconic, and easily one of the most popular shows in all television history.  Sheriff Roscoe Coltrane told everyone in Hollyweird, how CBS duped him out of millions in unpaid royalties.  Although the show lasted just 6 years, it was later turned into a big screen movie starring Jessica Simpson.  Greedy Warner Brothers producers left Sheriff Coltrane penniless, and foreclosed.  Lunch- boxes, toys, and show business memorabilia had James Best face, but he didn’t make a nickle from any of it’s sales.

He eventually sued Hollywood.  The place that gave him life, stole everything right back.  Warner Brothers, a media conglomerate worth billions, eventually pinched James Best off $5 million crumbs in an out of court settlement.  Best reluctantly accepted the cash, although he knew he deserved more.  Roscoe Coltrane invested 65 years in this business, and starred on a hit TV show.  He died miserable, and had nothing left to will to his 3 children.  Insiders tell us that James Best felt cheated by entertainment honchos.  You better watch out!