We Celebrate Harriet Tubman – Not Christmas

Harriet Tubman helped her brothers escape on Christmas day, 1854. Their 'master' intended to sell them after Christmas, but was delayed by the holiday. The brothers were expected to spend the day with their elderly mother but met Tubman in secret. She helped them travel north, gaining a head start on the 'master' who did not discover their disappearance until the end of the holidays. Two years later she brought away her parents, who were at risk of arrest for aiding other runaway slaves. ▫ Tubman returned to the South again and again. She devised clever techniques that helped make her "forays" successful, including using the master's horse and buggy for the first leg of the journey; leaving on a Saturday night, since runaway notices couldn't be placed in newspapers until Monday morning; turning about and heading south if she encountered possible slave hunters; and carrying a drug to use on a baby if its crying might put the fugitives in danger. Tubman even carried a gun which she used to threaten the fugitives if they became too tired or decided to turn back, telling them, "You'll be free or die." #HarrietTubman #MosesForThePeople #theblaquelioness #17thsoulja #BlackIG17th 📷 @theblaquelioness

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