Chaka Khan Admits Being A Pill Head

Prescriptions, and  pain killers destroyed Hollyweird’s biggest stars.  Anna Nicole was no different from Michael Jackson.  Robin Williams flew in percocet filled private planes, just like Phillip Seymour Hoffman.  Have you noticed the sudden increase in celebrity seizures?  The industry is convincing kids to pop Mollie through  music.  We remember popping Ecstacy back when it was trendy.

Chaka Khan noticed Showbiz honchos forcing pain killers down her old throat.  The Queen of Funk, has relapsed more times than Selena Gomez.


“I had already been sober for 9 years.  But I got addicted to pain killers, I had been taking after knee surgery.  It never dawned on me that everyday people walk around with a little bit of pain, and that I could just learn to live with it, instead of continuing to take pain killers,” Chaka explained.