George Lopez Constance Marie Finally Go Public – They’ve Been Smashing For Years

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Ann Serrano was a bottom bitch like no other. She grinded with George Lopez, and believed in his dreams of becoming a professional comedian.  They married in a dusty courthouse in 1993.  Ann loved George when he was fat, ugly, and broke. Despite his rising super-stardom, Lopez was diagnosed with a genetic condition that caused his kidneys to deteriorate. His doctors told him that he was going to require an organ transplant.  Fans of George Lopez never knew.   His wife Ann donated one of her kidneys to Lopez without doubt, or resent.

Hollyweird isn’t a place, but a machine driven by lust, greed, and narcissism.  Just like Kevin Hart, Steve Harvey, Dwyane Wade, and countless others- George Lopez dumped Ann Serrano the moment he turned into a celebrity.  He divorced Ann after 15 years of sacrifice, and daughter, Maya Lopez.

George Lopez was supposed to be based on fiction, but rumors claim otherwise.  Constance Marie (Angie Lopez) has been ‘engaged’ longer than Jennifer Hudson, to some yoga instructor.  Our sources will spill anything for a cognac shot, and kush joint.  They claim, George is definitely smashing R-Listed Constance, in real life.  It wasn’t the prostitute bust that made Ann walk.  Ann discovered Lopez was romantically involved with Constance Marie.  Constance was mesmerized by Lopez’ showbiz connections, and chauffeured Bentley.  Long hours on set, led to long hours smashing that ass.  The divorce is in the past, and George already has Ann’s kidney.  Lopez took his love affair public at a recent Dodger game in LA.