The Game and Breezy Beef #Royalty

Game is flying high off the success of the Documentary 2. Although featured on 3 previous albums, Chris Brown was noticeably absent from the classic.  Game has been lusting for Breezy’s ex, Karruche Tran, online.  Chris Brown resembled a Pot of Gold to Nia Guzman.  She knew she’d struck gold, and named the baby Royalty.  Fans can’t help but wonder.  What happened to the bromance between Chris and Jayceon?

Chris Brown told US Weekly in ’25 things you don’t know about me’ that he owns 14 Burger Kings.  The Illuminati threatened to kill him, but it was nothing compared to what Los Angeles’ BLOOD gang threatened to do to him.  What had happened was…

Game’s thug friends accepted Brown as an industry associate.  He was  fun,and always had the baddest hoes.  His affiliation with Compton, through Game, gave him the confidence to embody the gang culture.  Breezy wore red rags, claimed Piru, and even got a BLOOD tattoo!  Jay introduced Brown to his mom, and grandmother.  He supported him through showmance woes, and jail stints.  Suddenly, the hood demanded Game revoke Breezy hood pass!  They say he was more worthless than an EBT without an available balance.

Maybe they were smashing?  Maybe Chris Brown tried to put his cock in Tiffney Cambridge saggy titts?  We heard  Game’s affiliates accused Breezy of banging just way too hard, to be a Virginia ass ninja.  Game’s friends hated Chris for his hood wanna-be, super thug- persona.  It’s more fake than Kim’s booty.  Plus, we’re out here dying, catching bogus cases, waiting in Nix Check Cashing line like:

Futhermore, Game has beef with his former protege, Compton Menace.  Although everyone knows BLOOD LAPD burglarized Brown’s home and tied his auntie up- Breezy hopped on a track with Compton Menace.