Chris Cornell Blind Item Might Explain His Murder

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This rock star is not from LA and had deep ties to his home town and lots and lots of friends in the music scene there. The girl he married also worked as his band’s manager, and was instrumental in getting the band signed. She also worked with a number of other bands and helped them get signed and also kept them from getting completely screwed over by record companies. She was well respected on their home turf for protecting the musicians from there and also for being a pretty decent human being.Anyway, early on, this band was very successful both critically and financially. Right before the band hit it big, the rock star and his wife had a child. This couple were so down to earth that they even remained living in the same small house they had purchased early in their relationship, and planned to raise their child in that environment, as to not lose touch with what was real. Of course, things didn’t go as planned. The rock star started to enjoy his success and the stuff that came with it. He started to become rude, obnoxious and greedy. As is often the case, he changed. His band mates noticed the change and didn’t like it either. This resulted in a lot of fighting in the band- and eventually the band broke up over this difference in values. There was no reason given for the breakup, but anyone who had been paying attention could see what was happening there. It was the classic story of the lead singer who gets a fat head, corrupted values and thinks they no longer need their band or the people who were with them in the lean times anymore. At the same time this happened, the marriage between the singer and his hardworking wife started to unravel. There was cheating and also the singer was away more and more and was not spending any time with the wife or their child.The singer eventually met another woman from a family notorious for being greedy social climbers. People who knew this woman and her family from years ago say that her mother planned for years to marry her off to someone rich and famous and was “training” her from a young age with that goal in mind. (A version of PMK before her time.) The training apparently worked because once this woman had this singer in her cross hairs, she was determined to break up his family and was successful in doing so. No one close to the singer could figure out what he saw in her, though. She was rude, mean, and not very attractive. Her lack of personal charm also made her appear even uglier and friends around him had funny nicknames for her, one of which was ‘troll’. This woman sealed the deal by getting pregnant very quickly so that a divorce would be initiated by the long suffering wife. While destroying this guy’s marriage wasn’t enough, the new girlfriend also convinced the singer that his estranged wife (who remember was also his manager) had cheated him and his band mates out of millions of dollars. He bought this hook line and sinker and not only was the divorce bitter but other litigation dragged on for years, and the accusations of financial mismanagement by the wife publicly smeared her reputation. The singer tried to drag his former band mates into the litigation fray as well– even though they knew the estranged wife had not done anything deliberately wrong. The ex wife was dragged though court to the point where she was bordering on bankruptcy when things were finally settled. The new girlfriend was just hell bent on dragging the ex wife through the mud. Not long after things were settled legally, the singer and the girlfriend finally got married. One of the attendees of the marriage ceremony also saw the true colors of the bride and expressed concern about her and her family’s shady vibe to people around the singer. Sadly, she died herself under mysterious circumstances later.The singer’s new wife gave birth to several children pretty quickly. She also became involved in management decisions for the singer’s career and finances. Rumor has it that a series of poor decisions were made there including getting the singer to invest a large sum of money into a business run by her family. Bad idea. Meanwhile, the child with the first wife didn’t see the singer very much, because the new wife made sure he was touring and involved in as many moneymaking projects as possible. The singer also showed off the “new” family publicly with no mention of the child back home. Fans noticed. When the former wife was forced to go to court about parenting related issues, the singer chose to litigate her more and even accused her again of stealing his belongings. The ex wife has stayed true to her roots and has not spoken out publicly against the singer, even though she’s been bullied and smeared by him and his new wife for years. She is just trying to raise her child in peace. The irony in all this is that this singer also tries to fund raise for children’s charities. The people around him laugh behind his back at the hypocrisy, considering the situation with the child from the first marriage. The best part in all this is that the current rumor is that he’s met someone else and will be dumping his current wife soon. What is even funnier is that his current wife and her family are so financially shady that the singer has no idea how badly he’s been ripped off. Yet. So its looking like karma is real and the wrongly accused former wife is going to be laughing her ass off when the details about the current wife and her family’s financial shenanigans come to light. It will get ugly too. The current wife and her family will not go quietly and I would not be surprised if she exposes and blames the singer publicly for smearing and wrongly accusing his former wife. –