When Christina Aguilera Got Pregnant – Guess Who Back Fat ?

Kelly Osbourne may be a Fashion Police, but expensive clothes won’t hide her Patrick Star like body.  Who told her it was okay to get back fat?  Matthew Mosshart left her ass hanging.  He’s a vegan chef, but Kelly was obviously missing some good old-fashioned ‘beef’.  They say he dumped her because he caught her in a Popeye’s drive- through last Tuesday night.

Do you  have a diet pill addiction, time to work out all day, and money for surgery?  Everyone has battled weight issues, but Osbourne ripped Christina Aguilera.  “Maybe she is just becoming the fat bitch she was born to be.  She called me fat for so many years… so you know what?  F*ck You!  You’re fat too.”

Christina Aguilera was so hurt and insecure- she got a divorce.  Then, she lost so much weight she could jump through a Cheerio.  Her hosting gig on The Voice led her to new baby daddy, Matt Rutler.  Now Kelly Osbourne is fat again.  She’s blocked calls from her trainer.  She lives on  Diet Cokes, Cheetos, and take-out food.