Why Is Christopher Walken Always Stuck Playing The Bad Guy?

Being typecast is suicidal, unless you’re Hollyweird living legend, Christopher Walken. He popped his showbiz cherry in the early 1950s, and is still getting offers. Walken has more lives than a cat. He’s reinvented psychopaths, sadist, and murderers to create box office gold. Have you ever met a super cute ugly person? Why does someone as popular as Christopher Walken continually take on the roles of madmen, mobsters, and evil masterminds?

“I have played a lot of villains,” he admitted to Parade Magazine.

“My background is really in musical theater,” Walken says. “I did a lot of musicals when I was young. I got a job in a play, and then I got a movie, kind of accidentally, and my first parts where I got noticed were things like The Deer Hunter and Annie Hall, where I played troubled people, suicidal sometimes. I think I kind of got something going on there.”

Hollywood just kept begging Christopher Walken to do his troubled creepy character. The scariness stuck throughout his entire career.