Cindy Jones Murder Mystery – What Is Angelina Jolie Jon Voight Hiding

Julie ‘Cindy’ Jones was a gorgeous young modeling agent who was ‘friends’ with Jon Voight.  Angelina Jolie was 15, and heavily addicted to drugs when they found Cindy’s young, dead body.  While Angie’s dad, Jon, soared to the A-list- Jolie was experimenting with dope, and contemplating suicide.  Jon purchased an expensive home for Cindy in LA’s, Beverly Hills.  That’s where Jon found the stunner with a bullet wound to her chest, and his dog tracking blood throughout the home.  Hollyweird’s investigators quickly ruled Cindy’s death a suicide.  She was the victim of a self inflicted gunshot wound, police reports claimed.

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Cindy’s family doesn’t believe she killed herself.  Her mother, Joyce Cristoni  Boltz told National Enquirer “The last time I saw her, she was afraid she was being followed and that she was going to be killed.  I was never interviewed by police.  I think somebody high up, hushed this up.”

Jon Voight- pockets bulging, but grief stricken, spoke at Cindy’s funeral to her family.  Jon slammed rumors of him smashing the shapely young tender.

“She was a troubled soul and I did try to help her – just like dozens of other people who were suffering that I’ve tried to help.

“It’s a very sad thing that happened. She took her life – and I knew her. The girl tragically killed herself.”

“We were just friends. I was not going with this person,” he lied.

Do you think Angie, and her daddy know more than they claim about Cindy’s apparent suicide?  Why was she sacrificed?  Cindy was found dead March 11, 1991.  Voight stayed busy filming The Final Warning in 1991, followed with The Last of his Tribe, in 1992…and so on.