Do Yall Feel TI & Tiny Have Too Many Kids Already?

Human Baby EaterI don’t really think it’s the fact that Tameka (Harris) MIGHT be pregnant that ya’ll worried about.. Nobody’s said anything to me? I mean ya’ll saying “Tiny got too many kids” And? They mine Shit, Iann think it was a crime for a nigga to get his wife pregnant. She couldn’t get pregnant by herself.. Meanwhile ya’ll boyfriends getting ya’ll pregnant then leaving. Most of ya’ll know that I’m a good dad or else Family Hustle wouldn’t be the #1 watched Tv Show on Mondays’… Most of ya’ll know that I could afford another child. Meanwhile your kids had peanut butter & jelly lastnight. NO SHADE❌ I’m just saying….. You can’t talk about US when yo shit ain’t even together. I know we goals. I know you wish you had her position.. I know baby but that don’t mean you gotta sit there & hate. It’s not gonna get you no where. Especially not wit me!!Tip Harris

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