Coco Rocha Explains Why John Galliano‬ Slays Everytime #‎MargielaMonday‬

In this weeks ‪#‎SundayStories‬ I look back on how an unexpected stunt on the runway turned into a campaign for @Dior nearly 7 years ago. It was always exciting to be a model in a ‪#‎JohnGalliano‬ show. They were events, and each runway was an experience we models and the audience would never forget. While many designers at the time wanted a very uniform, almost lifeless walk, John would always give the models so much freedom to express themselves on the runway. “Do whatever you want! Sit on an editor’s lap if you like.” John would say. I remember for the spring 2008 Galliano show, which was this amazing Grey Gardens–inspired concept, he had pieces on the set that we were to interact with, like a carousel and a lifeguard sitting up in a chair, plus huge wind machines that blew us out onto the runway. ‪#‎JessicaStam‬ was ahead of me, posing on the carousel, and I caught up to her, grabbed her and we walked hand in hand to the end of the runway and did an impromptu pose-off. Most designers would flip if you pulled that kind of stunt on their runway. When we got backstage, I could hear screeching and hollering. John loved what we did—so much so that he put us in the Dior campaign together that season.

Tomorrow, in an unusual and highly anticipated event everyone is calling‪#‎MargielaMonday‬, John Galliano makes his return to women’s fashion with a London showcase of his latest work with @MaisonMargiela. It has been many years since we last saw a John Galliano show, no one knows what to expect, but one thing I think we can all be sure of, it will be an event we will never forget.