Congrats to all the McDonalds employees who demanded $15 an hour. Your replacements are arriving – Photo

Are you prepared to watch Kanye West transition like Bruce Jenner? How long will it take you to get used to seeing Harriet Tubman on your $20 bills?  America continues to wipe us free of morals, respect, and empathy towards the less fortunate.  Where do you stand on fast food workers’ FIGHT FOR $15 initiative.  Workers say life is nearly impossible to maintain on minimum wage.  They strike because:

As low wage workers we know what it’s like to struggle to get by.

Because our pay is too low, we struggle to pay our bills and put food on the table. McDonald’s answer? Go on food stamps.

We’re robbed on the job by our employers looking to cut corners. Employers that are multi-billion dollar corporations.

Even though we work hard, we’re forced to live in poverty.

On top of it all, even McDonald’s knows it takes $15 to get by.

It’s not right. That’s why we strike.

Politicians, and billionaire company owners have developed a cost efficient ‘solution’ to America’s cry for $15.00 an hour.  Certainly you’ve noticed the self check out, kiosk computer booths, in your local grocer and bank.  Well looks as if Mickeys would rather program a machine to take your order, than pay you $15 an hour.