Could You Live In A 140 Square Foot Home ? Tiny House

Everyone is growing weary of living pay check to pay check.  Are you lucky enough to have a job, or waiting for things to get ‘back’?   Vina Lustado is tired of the government’s lies.  She lives in a tiny house.  A simple life.  140 square  foot home in Ojai Valley is enough for her.  She is no fool.  She runs an architectural business called Sol Haus Design.

“I had always been living small all my life.  I lived in little guest houses for a really long time.  I moved a lot, so I never bought a property.  I never acquired a lot of stuff, because I was always  moving. ”

Gas prices will certainly continue to rise.  Don’t forget we always have ObamaCare.  A decent loaf of bread costs 5$, but Lustado was kind enough to break it down so morons could understand:

“Everybody had trouble during the Great Recession because of the banks taking over.  The tiny houses are the result of that.  I was just out of graduate school, and had my big career job.  Then one Friday afternoon, me and my co-workers found ourselves on the curb with our desk in a box.  It made me realize you can be educated, work really hard, and still not be guaranteed a job.”

How long have you or your loved one been ‘looking’ for a job?  Would you get over yourself, and sacrifice living in a ‘tiny house’?