Couple Offers Free Rent In Hollywood Mansion #YottaLife

Have you ever been invited to a house warming with a caged lion? No place is more impoverished or more expensive than Los Angeles.  Yotta, and his wife Maria showed up dressed as Superman and Catwoman.  They also installed a mural of themselves on the garage door of their rented Hollyweird Dell mansion.  The new neighbors cannot handle the Yotta life, or maybe they’re just jealous.

The Yottas on German TV Ab Montag täglich ab 17 h auf Pro7 / TAFF

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“We’ve had streets terribly blocked and I’ve seen police helicopters coming to telling people to leave the party,” complained neighbor, George Scalpels.  The mansion is used as an event venue and adult playground for socialite elites.  Justin Bieber was a’quiet tenant when he leased.  Neighbors said the house has been used for a Playboy TV show about swingers, and sex performers.  The mansion is fish bowl, with glass walls  – so all the neighbors can beat their meat. The 4-story dream resembles a Hollywood hotel.  ‘Hollywood’ is emblazoned on the wall behind it.  Rows of windows have lights on each level changing colors, like Las Vegas.  The community is outraged, but can’t do anything to stop the hard partying. Bastian Yotta Bastian and Maria Yotta had the best house warming EVER!   Developer Danny Fitzgerald said  it was off the chain.  You could eat sushi off of women, and don’t forget the caged movie star lion out front.  Models walked around the home with natural healthy foods, and even the salty neighbors were invited.  Steve Lopez, from Los Angeles Times, told of his opportunity to meet the Yottas, and sneak a peek at the party mansion:

“Welcome to the fabulous Yotta life mansion,” says the garage door ad, which features Bastian sitting on a throne, hourglass wife Maria next to him. The first thing you see when you enter the house is a brass pole, and I didn’t see a tether ball, so I’m assuming the obvious. A blond woman ferried me up to the fourth floor, where I met the Yottas. Bastian, a buff young buck from Germany, told me Arnold Schwarzenegger is an idol. Maria wore high heels and a white dress so tight it may have cut off circulation in the entire 90068 ZIP Code. If a neighbor kid has lost two basketballs, I think I may know where they are. Three young women were slinking about in similar get-ups, and the Yottas explained that they invite young women free of charge to stay in their 10-bedroom house, where Bastian teaches them the Yotta life philosophy — “live life to its fullest” — free of charge.