Tom Cruise Has A New Girlfriend

Rebecca Ferguson obviously has 2 poochies.  She killed several models for her starring role in Mission Impossible 5 with Tom Cruise.  We heard she beat out Amber Heard for the role too!  Cruise is back in his Ethan Hunt persona.  The A-list bachelor is feeling young, and vibrant again.  The world knows Tom is available.  He had a few hook ups with Katie Holmes post divorce that fizzled.  Nothing brings the blood rushing back to an old, rusty pistol like a gorgeous brunette.  Insiders claim Rebecca was hand picked by Mr. Cruise himself.

In a clinch: The pair got up close and personal as they made their decent and kept smiling throughout

Rebecca Ferguson is so impressed by Tom, she studied Scientology before they met.  She’s an aspiring starlet, and Cruise fan willing to obey for a bump up the showbiz ladder.   They aren’t smashing yet, but you can cut the on – set sexual tension with a knife.  The chemistry is undeniable.  Plus Tom Cruise is terribly lonely.  He’s like Jennifer Lopez-  he won’t stay single long.  He’ll take the next Z lister who’s easily impressed by his Hollyweird fame.