Knight Rider Ex Pamela Bach Sues Lawyer Responsible For Dog Attack

“I am a dog lover, but this was too much,” actress Pamela Bach said in an exclusive interview with National Enquirer. “What happened to me is unbelievable. I came within an inch of losing my life, and it’s only by the grace of God that I’m alive!”

David Hassellhoff ex, Pamela Bach, just hit a lotto bigger than her divorce pay out.  She’s suing Lee Arter for sicking his 3 pit bulls on her.  We’re unsure of what riled the vicious attack, but Pam was left crumpled, and mangled.  Dangerous pit bulls drug, and shook her by her brittle blonde hair.  Pamela almost died.

She told everybody in Hollyweird, “His three bulldogs mauled me!”

Pamela Bach was likely at Lee Arter’s law office begging for an extension on her payment  from the 2009 DUI arrest. The DUI limelight didn’t land her a spot on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills like she’d planned.  Arter was left stuck with a massive IOU, despite the resources it required to ensure she avoided jail time.  Arter grew sick of the excuses for non payment.  Did attorney Lee Arter starve his 3 illegal pit pulls in preparation for Pam’s payment plan on her payment plan?

Pam had to get numerous stitches in her arms, back, and legs.  She’s been ripped apart, and was seconds away from being eaten alive.  Pam has quietly hired a new lawyer, Nick Rowley.  They’re going after Lee Arter for everything he’s worth.