Derek Hough Mark Ballas – Gay For Pay ?

We’re unsure why Shannon Elizabeth dumped Derek Hough.  Twerking furiously in a gay nightclub does not make you Robert Kardashian Jr.  As if sharing their dog and spare time isn’t enough, Mark Ballas and Derek have decided to purchase a home together.

Rumors claim everyone on the set of Dancing With The Stars suspect they’re a couple.  Mark and Derek swear they aren’t gay, and just good buddies.  Have you ever known a straight male cheerleader?  The constant teasing, and booty buddy jabs are getting relentless.  Just because a guy dances, it does not make him gay.  Right?  Plus, we thought Derek Hough was smashing Nina Dobrev?

Hollywood would love if Derek Hough and Mark Ballas admitted to being gay.  We realize how challenging it is to come out the closet.  Since they’re both in the D League- would a gay confession boost their showbiz persona?  Wouldn’t they make a gorgeous couple?  Would you pretend to be gay to boost your career?