Detroit Has No Drinking Water

Detroit citizens have fallen victim to the New World Order.  Officials used the same Deebo force as an Iraqi army to dehydrate poor people.  Bankrupt politicians disconnected water, and sewer services to customers with extensive balances.  Anyone in Detroit who is $150 or more in debt with the water company, is most likely washing dishes, cleaning the floor, and flushing the toilet with the same dirty water.

Nicole Hill is a local college student.  She related to the African struggle explaining how she will drink until her stomach hurts when she’s fortunate enough to be around a water faucet.  The initial plan was to disconnect 3000 water supplies per week, although summer temperatures soar.  Detroit’s water department sent out 46,000 pink slip warnings.  Law makers hoped the threat would encourage people to pay their bills.  They want to overcome bankruptcy, but  over half of the 300,000 thirsty citizens, are past due with negative balances.

United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights even feels that being poverty stricken and black is enough struggle to endure.

 “When there is genuine inability to pay, human rights simply forbids disconnections,” Catarina de Albuquerque admitted.  

“Are we the kind of people that resort to shutting water off when there are disabled people and seniors?” asked Maureen Taylor, from the Michigan Welfare Rights Organization. “We live near the Great Lakes, we have the greatest source of fresh water on Earth, and we still can’t get water here.”

Most states have laws that stop disconnection in bitter winters, and sticky summers.  Detroit simply cannot afford to carry everyone’s debt.  They told Nicole Hill she owed $5754.  Although she’s paid $2800, the city says she has to pay $1700 more to get a payment plan.  Her car is broken now, so she needs a ride to get clean water.  Her kids are living with friends.  She feels Child Services will snatch them if they discover children living in such despair.

Water is a life utility.  Have Americans become lazy, and too dependent on socialism?  Or, is the United States headed towards 3rd World conditions?  Is clean water a basic human right?