Did Death Of John Jack South Kill Tom Cruise Mom?

Suri Cruise daddy is one cold blooded bastard.  He dumped his daughter, and Katie Holmes.  Why are we surprised that he turned his back on his elderly stepdad?    John Jack South was married to Tom’s mom for over 30 years!  He helped fund Tom’s acting dreams, but Tom left him rotting alone in Florida’s hospice.

Tom Cruise wouldn’t even visit Jack South in the hospital.  Don’t blame Scientology.  Tom is your typical, egotistical jerk, ruined by fame and success.  Tom Cruise mom, Mary Lee, was happily married to Jack South before Tom made it to the big leagues.  The World War II veteran refused Hollyweird’s Scientology cult.  Mary Lee moved to Hell A, but Jack stayed behind.  Mary Lee is drowning in the lap of Givenchy, crystal clear tropical beaches, and Scientologist secret hollow of doom.

Public records prove Mary Lee South used to live in a building owned by the Church of Scientology in Clearwater, Florida.  Tom kicked her out of his Beverly Hills mansion, and slapped her in assisted living at Belmont Village of Hollywood Heights.  It’s just one mile away from the Hollyweird Church of Scientology.  John Jack South shribbled, and died last month.  He was the love of Mary Lee’s life she used to have.  Her health has been fading since…

South – once described by Tom as a “wise, smart man” – told The ENQUIRER two weeks before his death in an emotional interview during which he opened up about his mega-famous stepson.

“I knew him before he was Tom,” a dying and distraught South said from his hospital bed. Asked if Cruise had visited since his health worsened, he said, “No. It’s been a while. I’d rather not go into that because I take care of myself the best I can.”

Tom Cruise, nor his mom, Mary Lee, attended Jack South’s funeral.  We wonder if she died of heart break because she hasn’t been seen in public every since!  Weirdos suspect Mary Lee’s body dwindled from loneliness, and depression.  Why would Tom keep  his mom’s death a secret?  Are Scientology cult leaders holding Mary Lee South hostage?