Did Demi Moore Intentionally Ruin Rumor Willis Showmance With Jayson Blair?

Rumer Willis is trying to grow into her looks.  Bruce Willis’ oldest daughter is now Demi Moore’s, Bobbi Kristina.  Moore is pretending to be over Ashton Kutcher, for Hollywood’s sake.  God knows Sean Friday will only hang around long enough to get the gig Demi promised him.

Moore is all deep into this weird new age lifestyle.  Since her embarrassing divorce, and expensive knee lift surgery- her and Rumor have become close again.  The only problem is, she’s destroyed her daughter’s romance in the process.  Rumor had a sweet hook up with  Jayson Blair from New Normal.  Mother, and daughter decided to bond over a spiritual pilgrimage to New Mexico.  Now everything is sour milk.

Tabloids claim Rumor Willis wears a turban while chanting weird sayings and burning candles.  Blair doesn’t know what to think.  Movies, and wine are replaced with Sanskrit scriptures,and Eastern mysticism.  He feels Rumor’s journey to purity, but he can’t handle it.  She never acted this way before reconciling with her mom.  He dropped her like Dwyane Wade dumped Siohvaughn.

Did Demi Moore intentionally sabotage the Rumor’s relationship because of her own failing love life?  More so, will Rumor have to compete with her cougarish mother her entire life?