Did He Do It? Brandon Spencer Gets 40 Years For USC Shooting – Video

21 year old Brandon Spencer cried like a baby when the judge delivered his 40 years to life sentence.  Although he plead NOT GUILTY, he is accused of busting shots at a USC Halloween party.  It all started on Twitter.  Hood insiders said he met his gang rival on the Trojan campus, and fired hysterically into the crowd.

Prosecutors are certain Spencer shot Geno Hall in retaliation for his own previous gunshot wound.  Hall, a prime time star athlete, was injured for life.  3 others suffered non life threatening injuries.  Minutes later, police slapped Brandon in the squad car, and charged him with 4 counts of attempted murder.

A USC campus police testified that it was Brandon Spencer firing shots.  Do all black people resemble each other?  Cops found several pictures on Spencer’s phone of guns,  but Spencer was  a security guard and possessed an active security guard license.   Investigators used his  Twitter post that mentioned a “gangsters and strippers party,” against him too.

His lawyer, James M. Simmons, told reporters there are identity issues surrounding his client. He said two men were initially arrested but only one was charged. He suggested that witnesses gave conflicting accounts of the incident to police.

Simmons said his client has no criminal record and had been scheduled to begin classes Monday at UCLA in a nursing and EMT program. He declined to comment on whether he was a gang member.

At a news conference, Simmons said he was asked by the defendant’s father to tell everyone: “Mr. Spencer is a good person.” – AP

What do you think?  Is Brandon Spencer a low down thug who risked innocent lives trying to murder for his gang?  Or, is this the result of being stuck with a ‘public pretender’?  We pray that the  families involved have the strength to Fight On.