Did Kyle Navin Kill His Own Parents? Read His Dad’s Spooky Last Text

Huffington Post- A missing Connecticut man told his son in a text message that he was worried the son was setting him up for murder, according to court documents.

The text was sent the same day the man and his wife disappeared.

The son, 27-year-old Kyle Navin, of Bridgeport, is the operations manager for his family’s refuse company; he was arrested Tuesday on an unrelated gun charge stemming from a police search of his home. The text message exchange was detailed in arrest documents provided to The Huffington Post by the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Connecticut.

Police say the texts were sent Aug. 4, the day Navin’s parents, Jeffrey and Jeanette Navin, were last seen. Jeffrey Navin ostensibly sent his son the first text shortly after 12:30 p.m. that day, telling Kyle he was not returning to his home in Easport “till I know mom is okay.”

Investigators did not reveal what may have prompted that comment, but the following text message exchange took place directly thereafter, according to an affidavit:

“Did you hurt mom?” Jeffrey Navin texted.
“No absolutely not. Why would you think,” Kyle Navin responded.
“I go home and get framed for murder,” Jeffrey Navin then texted.
“Oh stop,” Kyle Navin texted back.
“I’m going to the police first,” Jeffrey Navin said.
“Ok and reason being?” Kyle Navin asked.
Seven minutes later, Jeffrey Navin texted his son, “U R setting me up.”
“Dad really what are you talking about?” Kyle Navin replied.

Kyle Navin hasn’t been charged with murder…yet.  He bought germicidal bleach, hair and grease drain opener, stain remover and contractor cleanup bags, the day after they were last seen.  Why did the missing man accuse his son of framing him for murder?  Watch the Full Video and get MORE details HERE!