Diddy Former Body Guard Confirms Murderous Gossip “You Would Of Died Just Like Your Father”

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Fans have long accused Sean Combs of participating in the murder of Notorious B.I.G. An LAPD Detective swore in a certified statement – Diddy ordered the hit of West Coast rapper, Tupac Shakur. Diddy’s former bodyguard, Eugene Deal, is thrusting flaming hot tea in the face of Bad Boy’s Reunion Tour. Deal, former head of security for Puffy’s entire label, accused the mogul of super serious allegations. Eugene Deal suggested Diddy set Biggie up. He also claimed Diddy’s dad was killed for snitching.

In a video posted by videographer MReck, Deal claims that the bullets that killed the late Notorious B.I.G. on March 9 in Los Angeles were actually meant for Diddy. He even claims that he warned the Bad Boy CEO not to go to Los Angeles after receiving some threatening intel. According to Rolling Stone, Los Angeles police considered Deal a credible eyewitness to Biggie’s death and was able to identify the shooter in the case, which still remains unsolved. Subsequently, Diddy allegedly fired Deal after he found out that he was talking to police.
Deal goes on to say that Diddy also scammed the family of his bodyguard friend Wolf of $300,000 and allegedly hired people to snitch on Shyne during their 2001 trial stemming from a shootout at a New York nightclub. Diddy was acquitted of all gun charges in that case but Shyne was convicted on two counts of assault as well as reckless endangerment and gun possession.

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