Diddy Replaces Len Goodman? Dancing With The Stars

Does Len Goodman have Jesus in his yearbook?  Hollyweird’s streets are whispering the Dancing With The Stars judge can’t handle his hectic schedule, so he may have to ditch his day job soon.  Apparently, they don’t make Geritol like they used too.  His loved ones are seriously worried that his bi-coastal lifestyle will lead him to an early grave.  Goodman is nearly 70 years old, but spends an ample amount of time traveling from London to Los Angeles.  Goodman films DWTS, and UK’s version, Strictly Come Dancing.  The tireless hours are punishing his antique bones.

Someone told Enquirer, “Len is on the verge of collapse.  Everyone is worried about him.”  Len secretly knows he has to quit one of the shows anyway.  They say he’d leave DWTS, although Americans pay him double.  Truthfully, Hollywood honchos were already seeking his replacement.  Dancing With The Stars has ratings lower than Lady Gaga’s ‘ArtPop’ sales.  DWTS feels they need someone younger, more hip, and somebody that can twerk.  Any suggestions?