Diddy Wants J-Ho Back

Cassie  is obviously on a suicide mission, posting photos with some light skin, broke ass, Shemar Moore wanna-be.  Kim Porter tried to date another man.  The poor dude ended up in the Pacific Ocean.  Cassie is livid and embarrassed by Diddy’s public date night with Jennifer Lopez.  Diddy has been distant since seeing Lopez Booty video.  Cassie hoped her youthful 3somes would keep Sean Combs hooked.  She’s pregnant with engagement plans.  That’s why she took him back after his Cameron Diaz fling.

Standing in an Indian weave shop in Culver City, we overheard Diddy’s assistants chatting all his business.  Not only does he respect Jennifer Lopez as an icon, and artist- he still loves her very much.  It’s totally the reason why he’s been unable to commit to anyone.  He cheated on J-Lo, and gave her STDs.  He was so heart broken when she left.  Sean bought brand new Bentleys for her and Ben Affleck.

Diddy knows it all ended on a bad note.  Hollyweird honored J-Ho at Variety’s #PowerofWomen celebration.  Diddy convinced the Latina thot to have dinner at Mr. Chow’s.  They coincidentally reconnected hours later at Hooray Henry’s in WeHo. Either way, his weave wearing assistants say Combs promised.  Diddy swore that if Lopez ever gave him another shot, he’d be true.  He wants to marry Jennifer.  Back when they were Beyonce & Jigga, he sent her flowers every, single, day.  We wonder where she got the roses.  Why is she admiring them so much?