DJ Khaled Stirs Diddy Jay Z Tension

The major key to staying relevant in Hollyweird?  Networking of course!  DJ Khaled’s beats used to cost pennies.  Now, We The Best Music, is in high demand.  Starting from the bottom, Khaled was tapped to join the Formation tour with Beyonce.  He went from sipping syrup with Cash Money, to stunting and fronting with Arianna Huffington on the red carpet.  King of SnapChat, if DJ Khaled gave 1$ to every follower, he’d still have change leftover.  So, you know the opportunistic, Camel, had to get in on it.  Jay Z signed Khaled to a side deal pitching his D’usse cognac.  Problem is- he’s also a pitchman for Diddy’s Ciroc Vodka.  Is this a conflict of interest?  Did Diddy hire DJ Khaled BEFORE, or AFTER Jigga did?

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