DJ Khaled Tells How SnapChat Saved His Life – Video

DJ Khaled is a roaring blaze of fire.  He’s always making tracks for music’s hottest artist, and he’s just beginning.  He not only has a new headphone deal, he has a new restaurant in Miami too.  Remember when he pledged an oath of love to Nicki Minaj?  In the interview below (23:00) DJ Khaled details how his obsession with SnapChat saved his life. Khaled Mohamed Khaled, known for his inspiring beats, strayed off his jet ski path in deep Fort Lauderdale. Soon, the sun began to set. DJ Khaled was lost in the water, in deep darkness, on a jet ski with a little gas. Listen to him explain how alerting management on Snapchat, was the only way he survived becoming gator bait.

Here’s a short guide to DJ Khaled slang basics in case you want to join him on SnapChat:

Major key: Major key is just a way of identifying something as awesome. When you see something cool, you say, “Major key alert!”

Bless up: This means exactly what you think — count your blessings. Be thankful.

Special cloth alert: Short for something that is “cut from a different cloth.” In Khaled talk, it means something that is really great or unique.

They: OK, this slang word is where grammar goes to die. Khaled speaks of this elusive “they” who always wants to keep you down, but he also calls this segment of people “theys.” He tells people repeatedly, “don’t be a they.” In today’s SnapChat story he says, “If you workin’ on something special, stay away from they.” – Florida Today