Do Waist Trainers Really Work ?

Every Thottie in Hollyweird is sharing selfies of them training their waist with tummy shapers.  Kim, Khloe, Blac Chyna, and Jessica Alba have all confessed to being obsessed.  Even the thinnest chic wants to be skinnier.   Since we can’t afford celebrities’ clothes, or plastic surgery- we had to dig deeper into this whole waist shaping craze.  Do waist trainers REALLY work?  Would a smaller middle make our breast, and ass appear bigger?  Can we possibly achieve Kim Kardashian’s curves without her millions?


“I think there’s something to it,” he said. “It does actually work, because you are losing water weight. It’s like getting a body wrap. The problem is, the results are really short-lived.”

But, Dr. Davis also pointed out that there could be some muscular benefits from waist training on a regular basis.

“You are training your core to get stronger,” Davis explained, likening it to how experts instruct you to hold your stomach in while doing plank exercises. “A lot of people wear things like that, because you are training your transverse abdominus muscles to stay in that position.”

Davis continued, “I think that there probably is some validity to the whole process. But I don’t know how long it would take for that to happen.”-


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