Do You Follow Zimmerman On Twitter?

George Zimmerman is a freak of nature.  Nobody expected, he’d still be breathing, let alone, engaging in a ‘celebrity fight’.  Since murdering unarmed teen, Trayvon Martin, he’s been painting.  His first one sold for $100, 000.  He explained his passion, “my artwork allows me to reflect, providing a therapeutic outlet, and allow me to remain indoors.”

Zimmerman’s latest masterpiece, “Angie”, happens to be an exact copy  of an Associated Press photo.  Zimmerman’s brother posted it on twitter, and bragged how it had received private offers via social media.  AP clapped back, and shot a letter to George demanding the sale, “be blocked- and that, if there has been a sale, that the AP be paid damages.”

“Considering all options, ” Zimmerman wrote on Twitter.  Yes, this ‘celebrity’ has Twitter- @TheRealGeorgeZ.  “No worries AP, I’ll just take whatever U sue me for off your tab when I’m done suing you.  Or I could put out how much U offered me 2.”

Zimmerman seems pretty confident for a kid killer.  Reports say he raised more money for his defense than Trayvon’s charity.  Is that why it’s okay for him to network socially, and consider himself a celebrity?  Remember, how we put the Boston Bomber on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine?