Do you like Elle Macpherson New Face?

Hollywood has a way of convincing totally glamorous, super thin people, to lose weight & get plastic surgery.  Supermodel, Elle Macpherson, is the latest victim of extremely low self esteem and vanity. When she appeared at the famed Art Basel show in Miami Beach, Forida, onlookers were stunned.  They weren’t gawking at her beauty.  Fans were horrified to see Elle’s face looking unnaturally altered like an alien.  Her pillow face wobbled on her thin frame.  Macpherson looked nothing like the lingerie model we all know and love.  It was sad seeing she’s undergone lip and cheek injections.  Botox was squirted in her smile lines, crow’s feet and forhead- she could barely talk her face was so tight.  Thank heavens for sunglasses.

Does it have anything to do with Heidi Klum, who’s 15 older, snatching her lingerie line?

Bendon CEO, Justin Davis-Rice said fresh designs and active publicity were important in growing the company: ‘Elle has been a great partner to Bendon, however it’s time to take the brand to even greater heights, and Heidi is perfectly positioned to do just that.’