Doctor Gets House Arrest For Raping Women

Many of the poochie pictures, and vaginal examinations were unnecessary.  By the time authorities caught him, he’d hoarded thousands of photos of naked women.  Dr. Jeffrey Joel Abrams’ white privilege helped him avoid 25 years in prison for sexually assaulting his female patients.  He plead guilty to inappropriately molesting females at the Volunteers in Medicine Clinic in El Cajon.  Low income, unsuspecting, ladies were violated in the worst way, by someone they regretfully trusted.  Dr.  Jeffrey Joel Abrams confessed to touching and photographing over a dozen female patients.  Although he was busted with a picture of an 8 year old naked girl too, he’s eating sushi on ONE YEAR house arrest.


This Doctor plead guilty to sexually penetrating unconscious women, sexual battery, and child porn.  His punishment is ONE YEAR house arrest.

San Diego County Superior Court Judge Laura Halgren sentenced Jeffrey Joel Abrams to 25 years in prison but stayed the sentence and instead imposed the house arrest because of Abrams’ medical condition.

Abrams requires continuous care due to complications following surgery to remove a cancerous kidney, according to a probation report. He could not receive appropriate care in prison, according to LATimes.

OJ Simpson rotting in prison like: