Does Brad Pitt Know Angelina Jolie Is Dying?

We’re aren’t saying Angelina Jolie is on dope, but she’s in Australia resembling Pookie from New Jack City.  Her Unbroken crew members feared she’d died, after she mysteriously fainted on set.   A double mastectomy, and breast reconstructive surgery is nothing compared to being the mother of 6 children, and keeping Brad Pitt on a leash.

Ignoring her physical weaknesses  Jolie ‘s legs cracked, her eyes rolled to the back of her head, and her entire body went limp while she worked.  They didn’t know if she was acting or what.  Insiders exclusively tell Enquirer that Angie is on her last leg!

“Angelina’s been putting herself through the wringer, and it’s taken a severe physical toll on her body.  She’s been working around the clock- directing at least nine to 12 hours a day and looking after her kids.  She’s dropped to a skeletal 93 pounds, and being so thin can place a tremendous amount of pressure on the heart.  Angelina could easily suffer a heart attack and die!”

It is mandatory to be thin in Hollyweird, but damn…   What is Angelina’s problem?  Is she trying to complete a bucket list?  Doesn’t she have enough fame, money, and children?  Is she okay?