Does Janet Jackson Belong In The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame

Welcome to #InductJanetJackson. The Event – Project – Tribute.

#InductJanetJackson. Is a Janet Jackson Event, Project & Tribute to & for Janet, specifically designed for Janet fans & music lovers to participate in 5 activities which will bring forth the opportunity for Janet Jackson to be nominated for an Induction into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.
Through the public’s support & by simply participating in the following 5 activities during the next 6 weeks, as the Event finalises on Saturday, 5 July, with the Janet Addiction. / Rated JDJ. (Janet Facebook Group), which will hold the Janet memorabilia giveaway competitions & also finalise with an #InductJanet. Twitter Event.

The following 5 activities are precisely what is needed to be exercised by Janet fans,

1. Entering Mike Litherland’s Facebook Janet Page: Induct Janet Jackson into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame & “TICKING LIKE” on the page (which was the page designed to show the public’s support).

2. Entering the actual Voting Page (which is the pinned post in this Janet Event page & states that it is the most important of activities for Janet fans).

3. Writing letters to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Committee, stating Janet’s achievements (an example letter written by Mike Litherland will be on this Event page).

4. Participating in the #InductJanet. Twitter Event on Saturday, 5 July (times for the Twitter Event will be posted throughout the coming 6 weeks)

5. Participating in the Janet Addiction. / Rated JDJ. Event on 5 July & having fun while Janet items will be given away to Janet fans.

*Janet items that will be given away will include: Janet Cds, Janet Vinyls (LPs), Janet Photo/Post Cards, Janet DVDs & much more.

It is the participation of Janet fans from around the world in these activities, that will ensure internet promotional traffic regarding Janet, that will further contribute for the Committee of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, to further consider Janet’s nomination.

We look forward to your participation during the next 6 weeks & we will gather on 5 July in Honor of Janet Jackson & her contribution to the Entertainment Industry.

Much love to everyone around the world, from Janet’s Team.

Janet Addiction. / Rated JDJ.
Janet Jackson Entertainment & Social Media Events.

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