Does Kim Kardashian Ex Ray J Know THIS Nasty Secret About Princess Love?

Princess Love is engaged to Brandy’s little brother, Ray J.  She ruined her reputation with  cat fighting on VH1’s Love & Hip Hop: Hollyweird.  Princess used to be one of Floyd Mayweather’s goddesses, but one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.  Is Princess Love really all that?  Does she have two poochies?  How does one THOT end up forking 2 hood stars?

Princess can style on Instagram all she wants to convince weirdos like us, she’s ballin’ out of control.  We heard she pulled a Draya Michele to get to Hip Hop’s richest cocks.  That’s right, Princess ditched her kids to chase the fast life.  We heard Miss Princess Love has 3 young children stranded in Texas living with their grandmother.  The only time they see their mother, is when she’s getting cheated on VH1.  Princess never connected with her children.  She had them young with her high school lover.

Floyd Mayweather groomed Princess for a life of adultery, and designer handbags.  So while everyone jokes about how Draya abandoned her son, please note that Princess did the same thing.  Princess pretends she doesn’t have children.  She doesn’t discuss them, or share pictures.  Princess rarely visits, and never sends cash.  We don’t even know if Ray J is ready to be a step-dad.  Ray J should keep an eye on Princess.  Most dogs love their pups.  If Princess can ditch her own kids, Ray J Norwood doesn’t stand a chance.

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