Was First Lady Dominique Haddon Smashing Pastor Deitrick While He Was Still Married ?

“Nobody’s stupid,” Damita Chandler, Deitrick ex-wife, told Path MEGAzine of Deitrick’s whoreish ways. “Especially people who have been married before or been in relationships. The process of divorce takes time. If I was going through anything in our marriage and nothing was wrong in our marriage—I’m just putting that out there—we we’re bickering there was no infidelity. We were happily and successfully pastoring in Detroit.”

“He left in the Month of June, around the BET Celebration of Gospel, I believe,” she added. “He left two days after I buried my mom. Until that day, what ever issues or arguments or beef that we had like marriages do, had been squashed after my mom died. I wasn’t under the impression that he was going anywhere but two days after I buried my mom he left. Next thing I know there’s somebody pregnant. That just doesn’t add up, you don’t sleep with a random person and get her pregnant.”

“I had been married for 15 years and I don’t know who she is so obviously there was something going on. Anybody’s that been married, male or female—and you don’t know this other person, then obviously there was something going on while you were married—this was a strange young girl, it doesn’t add up when you do the math.” –