Don’t Forget: Suge Knight Has A Jennifer Lopez Sex Tape – Video

Suge Knight was a guest on Greta van Susteren’s ‘On The Record’ show in a two part interview this week. In the first part, Suge talks about the rumored Jennifer Lopez video that he has, what he did for Mother’s Day, his planned book, and if he changed much in prison. Read on for a transcript.

Greta: What’s the story on the J-Lo video. Is there a video,
what is the video of? Are you producing it? What’s the story?

Suge: I’m not producing it. You know, one of the things about Suge Knight
that you don’t understand — well, you probably understand. A lot of people
don’t understand. I have the utmost respect for women. And I like the fact
that J-Lo has a career and she’s also had a lot of sponsors and movies
and stuff, and any type of video that would threaten her sponsors, to me
is unfair to put out.

Greta: Do you have a video of her? Is there some video out there? I’ve
read two different things, that you do and you don’t. Do you have a video?

Suge: Put it like this. I wish her the best just as long as she don’t
ever get on tv or run an ad and call me a liar, it’s not a video.

Greta: Is that a threat?

Suge: No. It’s not a threat sweetheart. I’m on parole. What you trying
to do, send me back already?

Greta: You know what I mean.

Suge: What i’m saying is this. Whatever she’s done, she’s done. You
know, and I wish her the best. I just don’t like the fact that if somebody
— if somebody know a video exists or anything — pictures exist, don’t
go and say, well suge knight is a look, it’s not true, because to me your
word is everything. –